30 Rainy Day Project Ideas!

Rain, rain go away! Today is a very stormy and blustery day. I wanted to make a list of 30 project ideas that I do or will be doing. We all have those projects that we’re saving for a rainy day. I hope this list inspires you to have a productive and fulfilling rainy day! Organize a… Continue reading 30 Rainy Day Project Ideas!

Wedding Beauty

My wedding is six months away. Six months. The emotional roller coaster is real, people. I’m doing most of it myself and I’m definitely learning a lot about myself and stress management. I was originally going to write this long intro, but I ended up making a pie graph instead. Here are my feelings: I’m all… Continue reading Wedding Beauty

30 Snow Day Activities for Adults!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still excited by snow days! I find delight in pulling back the window and seeing a world of fresh snow. I love the silence of the usually busy side road. I love the rush of the crowded grocery store (weird, I know). All of it! Maybe it’s because… Continue reading 30 Snow Day Activities for Adults!

This Simple, Ultimate Green Smoothie Has Changed My Mornings!

I’m in love with this green smoothie – it’s a great way to start the morning on a healthy note! Disclaimer: this could all be a placebo effect. And I don’t care. This delicious, hearty, filling green smoothie actually gets me out of bed. I know, dramatic, right? Maybe it’s the idea of being healthier,… Continue reading This Simple, Ultimate Green Smoothie Has Changed My Mornings!

This is false information…

If you’re anything like me (on a budget and looking to outsmart the general population), you love a good shopping hack. I kept seeing posts like the one above circling around Pinterest, describing mark down days and how to get an item at the lowest price. As a huge Target consumer I was pretty excited at… Continue reading This is false information…