5 Free Indoor Places to Go with Baby

The cold weather is finally upon us!

If you’re like me, or a human being in general, you know how hard it is to be cooped up with your baby during the cold winter months.

Over here, we do our best to take advantage of the sunny days and get as much fresh air as we can. But, there are still days where its raining or just too cold to be outdoors.

Going out to eat or taking classes can add up quickly, and as a mom on a budget I’m always looking for free things to do to break up the day.

Here are five indoor places to go with your baby when the weather is bad!


If you haven’t picked up a library card yet, you’re missing out! Libraries have so much more than books to offer. Movies, newspapers, computers, and free events are just the start. I didn’t have a library card until I got sick of reading the same books to my daughter. We made our way down to our local library and both got our very own library cards! I love taking Baby M there every week to refresh her reading selection. They have huge colorful carpet that we like to play on while were there. It’s a great way to get out of the house and get a change of scenery.

Libraries also offer what are most commonly referred to as Museum Passes, which are passes you can reserve to get into local museums, parks, and events for free! Where we are, you can reserve up to two a month and get into so many fun (and expensive) places around here – from the fish hatchery to the Intrepid in New York City.

Galleries are a great place to visit on a gloomy day! If you’re little one is still at an age where they can be contained, head to a gallery.

Pet Store

It’s the free zoo, baby! I take my daughter to the pet store almost weekly. The fish are her favorite. Most of the time, we pick up some cat food for our LuLu or a toy. We found a pet store that has adoptable kittens and I’m always so tempted to bring one home! The pet store is an easy way to buy time between activities, too.

Next, I want to take my baby to an aquarium store!

Visit a Friend

If you have a friend that work in retail or the likes, why not pay them a visit? This can be such a treat for a friend – and it is a great way to break up the day!


Hear me out, there are a few ways to do this for free! One option is to find a free museum. Another is to see if they have discounted or free days, or to use those museum passes I mentioned earlier in this post. Visiting a museum is a wonderful way to foster a love of art and exploration in your little ones.

What do you do with your baby when the weather is bad? Are you fine with being inside all day? Let me know below!



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