Thanksgiving Dinner This-or-That Printable

Put the Halloween decorations away – it’s turkey time! Here is a Thanksgiving dinner this-or-that printable PDF!

The history we share about Thanksgiving has changed over time – and rightfully so. It’s about time we start telling the real story and honor those who were here before us.

Despite the change in tone and message of the holiday, one this has stayed the same: the FOOD!

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most recognizable and celebrated meals in America. The mashed potatoes, the stuffing, the turkey…it’s America’s specialty.

Although not as contentious as the conversation around Native Americans and Columbus, Thanksgiving dinner has it’s own slew of controversies.

My family had a mini-Thanksgiving feast to celebrate the first day of autumn, and I am remorseful to share that my daughter’s first experience with cranberry sauce came from a can. I’m a homemade cranberry sauce girl while my husband prefers the classic, sliced Ocean Spray stuff.

It brought up a lively debate over other Thanksgiving foods. Should the stuffing be homemade or store-bought? What part of the turkey is best? We don’t agree on any of it. Opposites attract, right? Thank goodness we’re not in charge of making Thanksgiving dinner, we’re just in charge of eating it.

Here is a Thanksgiving dinner this-or-that printable PDF that you can share on Thanksgiving day. You can read it with your kids on the way to Grandma’s or print one out for everyone at your table.

Do you also share strong opinions about Thanksgiving dinner? Is there something you just won’t serve at your table?

Let me know below!


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