How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Quickly

I’m irritable right now. I am beyond irritable – I am crawling out my skin with grumpiness.

I’m well versed in the idea of “man plans, and God laughs” – no matter what time I get up in the morning or how detailed my to-do list is, things never quite go how I lay them out.

And that’s okay!

I will say that the days when I don’t get some alone time to recharge, I can get super grumpy!

I’ve always needed time to center myself and take mental breaks – very hard to do now with a busy toddler. I use nap time just for me, but on days when my husband works late, a 1.5 hour break out of a 12 hour day doesn’t feel like enough.

So, here are some things I do throughout the day to get out of a bad mood – quick!

  1. Drink water
  2. Have a snack
  3. Do a 5 minute clean of my space
  4. Meditate
  5. Do a quick exercise
  6. Text a friend
  7. Put my face in a bowl of cold water
  8. Go outside
  9. List 5 things I’m grateful for
  10. Write it out

I think the most important one for me on this list is doing a 5 minute clean because now that I have a toddler, it’s one mess after another. I can never seem to keep on top of it all! There is always laundry to be folded or dishes to be washed or toys to put away. I know that this is a big source of stress for me so I plan on getting super organized in the new year!

Another one that almost always works for me is drinking water. I always feel like I’m doing my body a disservice by not staying hydrated, so this one really helps.

As you can see, a lot of my discontent stems from not having enough time or poor planning – definitely things I need to work on!

At the end of the day, when I take a step back and realize the things that I get stressed out about are fixable and not immediate.

I know that my job these days is to be present for myself and my child. The laundry can be folded later, the mess can go another day.

I always feel good when I’m plugged into the moment and rooted in gratitude. Spending quality time with the people I love, writing, moving my body and connecting with the world is when I feel most fulfilled – not when my house is sparkling clean or I’ve checked everything off of my to-do list.

I definitely need to remember that when I get a little grumpy!

What do you do to get out of a bad mood? Do you also believe you have to make a choice to get out of a bad mood?

Do you use anything on this list?

Let me know below!



  1. I love this! Thanks so much! I find that staying hydrated impacts my mood a ridiculous amount. I tend to get really busy around the house (you know how that goes) and then forget to drink and before I know it I’m in anger-ville. I’ve done all the things you listed except the bowl of cold water. I can’t wait to try that.

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