Zero Waste Laundry with Kind Laundry

I’m getting my house ready for pregnancy #2!

Yes, pregnancy #2. My first pregnancy had a rough start. I had terrible morning sickness – I spent the first 20 weeks hunched over the toilet or asleep.

I’ve partnered with Kind Laundry to make an effort to stock up on supplies and finesse my systems for pregnancy #2! Kind Laundry’s products are not only zero waste and non-toxic, but actually work.

I’m making a conscious effort this month to get different aspects of my life ready for another pregnancy. This time, I’ll be taking care of a toddler and I won’t have the luxury of sleeping all day like last time. I have closets that need to be cleaned out, freezer meals that need to be made, and items that I need to stock up on so I don’t have to be constantly running to the store.

In addition to stocking up on household items, it’s time to more towards non-toxic household products. Kind Laundry uses 5 simple non-toxic ingredients, which is perfect for my sensitive skin and gentle enough for my one year old’s skin too.

I’ve broken down their products below, to give you a better idea of what Kind Laundry has to offer!

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Stain Removal Bar

The stain removal bar is a plant based bar that can be used by getting it wet an rubbing on the stain before washing. I used this on my daughter’s clothes and was pleased with the results.

Dryer Balls

These have been on my list to buy forever! Dryer balls are used to reduce drying time and prevent static. Kind’s are 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Laundry Bag

A mesh laundry bag was also on my list of things to buy before the next baby! There’s nothing worse then putting 10 newborn socks in the wash and somehow only ending up with 8. I swear my washing machine eats baby socks. Using a mesh bag keeps everything in one place during the process.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

I’ll admit, this is where I was most skeptical. My daughter is eating solids 4x a day now, which is like an instant mess every time. I always end up covered in whatever she’s eating (don’t ask me how!). My husband and I each work out 5x a week. So basically, we make a lot of stinky laundry.

The detergent sheets just need to be thrown in the wash, no measuring required.

I was shocked and impressed how well they cleaned. Our laundry smelled great and didn’t leave any of that gummy residue feeling on my hands after I touched it. The detergent sheets definitely passed the wash test over here.

If you’re looking for laundry products that fight stains while also being non-toxic, zero waste, and biodegradable, check out Kind Laundry! Their products save space,

Did you have a rough pregnancy? Do you use non-toxic products in your home?

Let me know below!



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