My Favorite Baby Items and My Biggest Regrets

I finally have a list of my favorite baby items! Now that I have a toddler I feel like I know what to buy for the next kid. I was tempted to make this list earlier, but I now feel that I have the perspective to really evaluate what I loved, hated, and didn’t need!

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My Top Baby Item Recommendations

If the item has an asterisk (*) it means we are still using it at 19 months!

Baby Monitor*

I love our monitor. I didn’t want one that synced to my phone or measured her oxygen levels or whatever. I knew before I had her that I would need to rest when I was away from her, and that those kinds of monitors would lead to me over-monitoring her.

We went with the Motorola monitor and it’s amazing! My favorite part is that you can turn the screen and volume off but there are little colored lights at the top that turn on when there’s sound in the nursery. We can also talk to Baby M through it.

It has a pretty nice range, so I can bring it outside with me in the morning while I’m playing with the dog.

Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets*

As a former preschool teacher, I’ve had my eye on these for awhile. My students would use them for nap time and their parents would confirm that they had gotten them as babies. Anything that’s usable for years and softer with every wash is a bargain, in my opinion.

I have dozens of muslin blankets from them, and it’s one of the few items that I’m glad I over-purchased. We use them for everything!

Pottery Barn Circle Mat*

Did you know babies can learn just from watching you? We put Baby M down on this mat from a few days old and let us watch us. It’s a nice alternative to a swing, which can inhibit gross motor development with high levels of use.

Gerber Cloth Diapers*

We didn’t use these as cloth diapers, but as do-it-all rags. They worked as emergency wash cloths, burp rags, high chair cleaners, etc. They retain a lot of moisture!

Jellycat Stuffed Animals*

Ugh, I love Jellycats! They are the softest stuffies ever. We have the raccoon, owl, bunny, and puppy. Baby M just adores them.

Chicco LullaGo Bassinet

I am so glad I went with this bassinet and not one that is right on the side of the bed. Baby M was a loud sleeper, even as a newborn. Like, you can’t imagine something so tiny is so loud. I was able to put her at the end of the bed and get (some) rest.

The Runaway Bunny*

This is my absolute favorite baby book. I read it before I was even pregnant and I cried. It’s an American classic! You can also view my (hopefully future) The Runaway Bunny Inspired Nursery here.

Baby Jogger*

My mom got this for my husband as a gift and we’ve fallen in love with it. It’s like a mountain bike. If you keep reading you’ll see that my baby didn’t tolerate wraps, so we ended up carrying her pretty much everywhere. She loves this stroller and we love that she loves it 🙂

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This one is pricey, but worth it. We added this to our registry because we knew we wanted multiple kids and would pass it on to someone who really needs it after. I love the simple, ergonomic design. Baby M really started to enjoy it once she learned how to kick to make herself bounce!

Fisher-Price Calming Vibes Hedgehog Sooth*

We got this as a gift and it’s just the sweetest little toy. It vibrates and plays lullabies. It’s also super soft.

Sleep Sack*

Who invented these things? They’re genius. I can’t remember when we stopped swaddling, but these were the next step. Now, even with a toddler, I don’t have to worry about my angel getting tangled in blankets or being cold. Burt’s Bees has lasted through puke, poop, and many, many washes.

Antilop High Chair*

This is the best high chair. Ever. It is all plastic, so it’s a breeze to clean. It’s under 8lb. It’s sleek, simple, and stylish. I don’t know why anyone would even consider another high chair.

Mushie Bibs*

I love the Mushie bibs. They’re held their shape over time and are so easy to rinse off. I put a command strip on the back of our high chair so I can hang the bibs while they drip dry!

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My Regrets

UppaBaby Stroller and Car Seat

This car seat was so dang heavy. And it didn’t last too long before Baby M grew out of it. The stroller is nice, but it really doesn’t come with much. No cup holder, no front pocket, no tray for the little one to have a snack.

Now, we really only use our baby jogger, as it’s just as smooth and has great carriage space.

Little Unicorn Crib Sheets

I love these crib sheets, but they haven’t stood the test of time. They are too shrunken now. I probably didn’t wash them correctly, but what parent wants to read the tag and do a separate load of laundry? No thanks! Our Burt’s Bees sheets have washed beautifully.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Call me crazy, but was this ever necessary? We started putting our diapers in a little bag outside of the front door and take it out every night. I feel like this pail didn’t really do much. You have to buy the inserts, and it takes up space.

It has a baking soda scent sanitizing thing-a-ma-jig attachment at the top, but the room still smelled like a dirty diaper. I had to put the whole pail outside in the sun for days to get it to stop smelling. It’s definitely not on my list for baby #2.

Things I Bought Way Too Much Of

Poop Bags

I bought those disposable diaper bags like they were going out of style. Now I used them for the dog and the cat litter. I think I’ve used maybe 5 in total so far. Most people are find with us sticking a dirty diaper in their trash or there has been a garbage can around.

Flimsy Bibs

You know those terrycloth-like bibs? I have dozens. I don’t know what I was thinking. We have a few of the Mushie bibs and that’s all we use! My baby wasn’t a drooler, so I think that made a difference.


I loved my Solly Baby wrap. And my ErgoBaby Wrap. And our ErgoBaby carrier. My baby hated all three. She couldn’t stand being contained past week one!

Diaper Creams

So, modern day diapers are so effective at holding liquid that there is less of a need for diaper cream/baby powder than there was in earlier generations. We are still on our first jar of Aquaphor.

Nipple Butter

Again, I don’t know why I bought 5 when I only used it once!

Nursing Pads

I loved using reusable nursing pads, but I didn’t need them for long. I also didn’t need the 100 or so nursing pads that I bought. I don’t know why I thought I was going to be walking around like a geyser all day.

Gerber White Onesies

These bad boys stain so easily. I received so many (I registered for so many), and I wouldn’t buy them again. Not only are they easily stained, but the fit didn’t seem to last as long as other cotton onesies.

Baby Socks

So. Many. Socks. Now we have so many partner-less socks. My kid hated them. I really only needed 1-2 pairs.

What are your favorite baby items? Your least favorite?

Do you love or hate anything on this list?

Let me know below!


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