The Runaway Bunny Inspired Nursery

Mark my words: my next nursery will be The Runaway Bunny themed.

It’s my favorite children’s book and it’s iconic imagery is absolutely inspiring. I collected items for my dream nursery below – now all I need is the baby 🙂

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of heavily themed nurseries (or themed weddings, parties, etc). I love simple motifs and little details. That’s why this inspo board isn’t loaded with bunnies; it’s a subtle interpretation.

I wanted to include different textures and colors inspired by the book. It’s a little bit whimsical, a little bit grandmillenial. It would be perfect for a little boy or a little girl!

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Did you do a theme for your child’s nursery?

Have you read The Runaway Bunny?

Let me know below!


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  1. I have never read The Runaway Bunny, but we are fans of other Margaret Wise Brown books, so I picked it up to read to my kids when I saw it at the library yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation! One of my daughters’ nursery was themed after The Velveteen Rabbit. 😊

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