How to Keep Your Toddler Cool in the Summer

Summer is here and things are starting to heat up! I’ve amassed some easy ways to keep your baby or toddler cool in the summer.

Here on Long Island, the temperatures can easily reach the high 90’s in June. On top of the stifling humidity, it can get pretty dang hot!

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I’m always careful to make sure my toddler doesn’t get too hot. Some days, you just need to stay inside to protect yourself. However, we do try to get out as much as possible. There’s nothing quite like fresh air and sunshine!

Stay Inside During Peak Hours

Some days, it’s much to hot to stay out from 10-3pm, so we usually save our outdoor activities or errands ’til the end of the day.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

This is basic first aid that should be in your repertoire. Make sure to know the signs!

Water, Water, and More Water

Always keep your baby and toddler hydrated! Whether that’s with water or breastmilk or both. We also love the Pedialyte hydrating ice pops on days when it’s super hot.

Try an Ice Cream Maker or Make Your Own Ice Pops

This nostalgic ice cream maker is sure to keep your little ones entertained and cool. I still remember using one in my childhood.

These ice pop makers are perfect for frozen treats.

Did you know you can also make breast milk popsicles?

This one is another quick ice cream maker.

Use a Stroller Fan

A stroller fan is a registry must-have. It’s small enough to throw at the bottom of the stroller when you don’t need it.

This one is super cute! It is re-chargable via a USB port.

Invest in a car seat cooler.

Who ever invented these is a genius! Simply freeze it and place it in the car seat or stroller for a few minutes before letting your little one sit. If it’s really hot I give my little one frozen teethers to hold onto while the car cools down.

Get the Sprinkler Out

Running through the sprinkler is a childhood classic. It seems only kids can tolerate the freezing cold hose water. My toddler also loves playing in her kiddie pool for as long as I’ll let her!

Always Carry Ice Packs

You can use old teething rings, your own coolers ice packs, or these fun ones for kids.

They are great to use in transition from activity to activity, or just as an extra way to keep cool!

Are you looking forward to summer? What do you to do help your kids beat the heat?

How do you keep cool?

Let me know below!


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