Mommy and Baby Day Off Schedule

I love being able to take a day off here and there to spend with my daughter!

I know what you’re probably thinking, “isn’t every day a day off for a stay-at-home-mom?”…

Yes and no!

Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, running errands or going to appointments, there’s always more to be done. I also have this blog, which I work on up to 20 hours a week!

I try to get all my chores and responsibilities out of the way so that I can have days with my one-year-old that are purely centered around us bonding and her enjoyment.

Taking a day off from my to-do list and spending quality time with my daughter is one of the most gratifying things I can do as a parent.

If you’re a working mom, taking a personal day and pulling your baby out of daycare can form memories that can last a lifetime!

Some of my fondest memories with my mom were the ones where we just did a few fun things around town.

I remember one day in middle school we went to the movies and the book store and I got to get my ears pierced. It wasn’t the most spectacular day, but I remember it as being on of the best days of my life!

I loved having that time with my mom and getting to do a few special things.

Since my daughter is only one and it’s just a random Wednesday, we are going to do a few fun things today!

You can download the PDF schedule if you’d like to do this with your little one!

We love to go to Target and pick out snacks like avocados, puffs, and blueberries.

Petco is just around the corner, so we always hit up their aquatic section to watch the fish swim round and round.

Next, a nap and snack are necessary!

When Baby M wakes up we can make a fort in the living room with blankets and chairs and eat our lunch under there!

Then, we are going to paint some DIY ornaments for Christmas followed by a quick bath.

After another nap Baby M will have a snack in her little wagon (since today is a sunny winter day)

Next, we’ll have a dance party (loving the Moana soundtrack) and a pasta party.

We’ll end the day with cuddles and books before bed time!

What more does a little one need? I love being able to spoil my daughter with quality time and simple pleasures rather than gifts and toys.

Another thing I love about this schedule is that it honors her meal and nap routine, which gives me a little break and ensures she’ll get a good night’s sleep!

What do you do with your little one on your day off?

Do you have somewhere special you like to go or thing you like to do?

Let me know below!


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