My End of Summer Bucket List for Baby!

Well, the dogs days are almost over! It’s August and although I’m so very excited to be done with this excruciatingly hot summer, there are still some fun activities I want to squeeze in!

Now that I’m a mom, I get this super fun thing called MOM GUILT. Ever heard of it?

As I was looking back at my photos from this summer, I know I did enough to feel like it was a “fun” summer. I say fun in quotes because my daughter is 8 months old and she thinks pulling the cat’s hair out and eating pasta is fun.

I still have a few things on my list that I want to do to make this summer feel complete. Due to the *state of the world* and heat wave after heat wave, it hasn’t been the summer I imagined. But, we’re making the best of it. As always. That’s part of being a parent, I guess.

It’s almost 100 degrees outside as I’m writing this. It’s just been too hot to really do anything. I’m looking forward to early September when things cool off a bit. For now, it’s been indoor picnics and early morning walks for us!

So, here are 10 things we’re doing this August/early September to conclude summer 2021!

1. Do a summer photoshoot

I saw these ideas on Pinterest and fell in love! How cute! I’m not sure if Baby M is going to be able to sit in a tub of milky fruit without eating it, but we shall see how it goes. I have one of these tin buckets and plan on using lemons and a big yellow bow like this one.

2. Visit a splash pad

We have a few of these on Long Island and they always look so refreshing. My baby loves water so I know she’ll love to romp in the huge sprinkler.

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3. Bring my baby swimming in the ocean

This is a must on Long Island. We’ll see how she does with the salt! Pools have been a summer favorite, so I’m really looking forward to safely bringing her into the waves.

4. Attend an outdoor event

Food festival, car show, sidewalk sale, whatever it is – I’ll take it! I would always pass things like this and be excited to go to them as a family, just as a free thing to do. Lots of main streets here close down on weeknights for outdoor dining, live music, etc. This is what summer nights are for!

5. Make popsicles

I have these DIY popsicle trays that I’m dying to use! I’ve been researching recipes that are safe for babies so that Baby M can partake in the fun. I’m thinking blueberry, watermelon, or peach mixed with water or breast milk!

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6. Make art outside

Baby M was given this paint set and we use it all the time. I usually tape down a piece of paper to her high chair and then let her scoop the paint off of a plate and smack it down onto the paper. I’ve learned that I can only successfully do this if she has a pacifier in her mouth – otherwise she ends up with a mouth full of paint!

7. Take a sunset stroll

This one is super easy and speaks for itself! My UppaBaby stroller is racking up miles from our morning walks….but I’ve been meaning to squeeze in an evening stroll during one of the beautiful sunsets!

8. Have an picnic in the park

There’s nothing like throwing down a huge blanket and eating dinner in the park! Now that Baby M is sitting up it’s super simple to bring her out for things like this. All we need is a blanket, a good meal (even takeout), and a cute basket like this one.

9. Go on a road trip

Since we won’t be getting on a plane any time soon, a road trip is in the works. We made it to our favorite place, Cooperstown (see my travel guide here), in May. So, we’ll take a short weekend trip to Lancaster to round off the summer. I have my packing list for a road trip with baby here.

10. Get an ice cream cone

It sounds simple, but we rarely go out for ice cream anymore! Baby M tried her first few bites of ice cream last month and fell in love.

What’s on your August bucket list? Is there anything you’re trying to squeeze in before the leaves start to change?

Let me know below.


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