Baby’s 12 Summer Essentials

Summer is just around the corner and things are looking different since having a baby.

After a long winter we are ready to get outside in the sun and celebrate! My daughter loves to play in the backyard and will soon be headed to the beach to get her first taste of the Long Island Sound.

I’m looking forward to making tons of joyful memories with my daughter this summer.

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I’ve compiled a list of 12 essentials for baby’s first summer! Now bring on the popsicles and fireworks…

The best part of bringing baby to the beach? Picking out those tiny swimsuits! This one from RuffleButts has that classic American style perfect for summer.

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I had never heard of this product before I became a mom! It’s a carseat cooler and it’s basically a series of ice packs that you can place in baby’s seat before they ride. We have the UppaBaby Mesa and it gets super hot. There are so many on the market, but Little Bum Coolers have the most stylish prints and affordable pricing.

A fan that grips onto the stroller, car seat, table, and more? I’ll take one too. This one is battery powered and will outlive the infant days.

This splash pad is ready for hours of fun in the backyard. It’s lightweight and the soft plastic makes it easy to fold up when not in use. It just needs to be hooked up to a hose!

I always put a hat on my daughter when we head outside in sunny weather. I do this in addition to sunscreen for extra protection. She’s very fair and I want to protect her delicate skin! She also looks downright adorable in eyelet. This one is only $14.99…

This has been on my list since I was pregnant. I consider this a childhood staple and will outlast the infant stage. This Little Tikes one has amazing reviews. It can be used in the winter, too. Just fill it with snow or bring it inside and create a sensory table with dry rice or pasta.

I first came across Badger baby sunscreen when I was a preschool teacher, and then it came up again when I was researching sunscreen for my child. Badger is reef safe, water resistant and non-nano. A little bit goes a long way! Here’s a link to Amazon but it can also be found at Target.

I’ll be bringing my daughter to friends’ pools this summer and they’ve all recommended a floaty like this. The umbrella is a great way to block excess sun.

Make baby a breastmilk or teething popsicle with this teetherpop! I’ve been freezing Earth’s Best Organic baby food in Gootensils but using an actual baby popsicle maker works much better!

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These are the Target Cabana towels! They measure 58’x48′, so perfect for a little one. Their smaller size and lightweight material make them a summer essential.

At an affordable $6, I’ll take one in every color.

My daughter has a whole collection of sunnies! They’re a great way to protect baby’s sensitive eyes and are the sweetest little accessory. These flower ones are absolutely perfect.

Last, but not least, what summer would be complete without a kiddie pool? While the plain round ones remain a staple, the internet has provided us with so many more options, such as this affordable dinosaur model complete with a volcano slide.

What are your summer baby essentials? Let me know down below…


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