7 Things to Do in Cooperstown That AREN’T Baseball Related

It seems like every list on the internet for “Things to Do in Cooperstown” is filled with baseball, baseball, baseball. Cooperstown has so much more to offer! This quaint upstate New York town has plenty for couples, kids, and those just passing through for a hot cup of coffee.

So, if you don’t really care about about the Yankees or the Orioles, but are planning on visiting Cooperstown in 2021, keep reading!

Stormy skies clearing up over the Cooperstown area.

Every time my husband and I say we’re heading up to Cooperstown, someone mentions the baseball hall of fame. We have to clarify that we go for the breathtaking scenery that surround the small town and the old school Catskill-charm that enchants the little village.

One of my favorite things about taking road trips upstate is winding through cornfield after cornfield, dense woods and backroads and then all of a sudden coming up on the fringes of a small town. I love the old Victorian architecture, the brick, the main streets…these towns are still frozen in the past.

There was a time when the Catskills were the place to take your family summer vacation. These old “resort” towns all seem to have a motel, complete with 1970’s signage, an ice cream shop and mini golf.

What more does one need?

That brings us to Cooperstown in beautiful Ostego County, New York! It’s best known for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And so, each year it draws thousands of baseball fans looking to delve into a world of bats, stats and balls.

Main Street

When should you visit Cooperstown?

The best time to visit Cooperstown is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That’s when everywhere seems to be open and the town is in full swing.

I wouldn’t recommend going in the winter, because it gets c-o-l-d cold up there. But hey, maybe that’s your thing.

Some tips for visiting Cooperstown:

  1. Bring a raincoat. Upstate New York has these quick moving storms that will have it pouring one moment and sunny the next.
  2. Call ahead for dining times. Some places aren’t open on Sundays, and some places aren’t open at all in the “off season” (Labor Day to Memorial Day). If you’re from a populated area you might not be used to restaurants closing at 9pm, so call ahead!
  3. Doubleday Fields has public bathrooms. They aren’t by any means nice, but they’re available.
  4. Bring money for parking. Parking fees are enforced, even on weekends.

7 things to do in Cooperstown that have NOTHING to do with BASEBALL:

  1. Grab a cookie or doughnut from Schneider’s Bakery. The corner bakery has the best cookies and amazing lattes! They also have delicious bread and other baked goods.
  2. Visit Ostego Lake. At the base of Cooperstown is beautiful Ostego Lake, also known as Glimmerglass Lake. Stay at the Lake Front Hotel and take a tour on the Glimmerglass Queen.
  3. Barnyard Swing Golf. More than just mini golf! There’s also a family fun center with laser tag, ice cream and room for a picnic.
  4. Eat at Mel’s. Mel’s at 22 has something for everyone at reasonable prices, just make sure to call ahead to see if they’re open.
  5. Coffee at Stagecoach. They also have a full menu of panninis and breakfast sandwiches.
  6. Take a tour of the Farmer’s Museum. The Farmer’s Museum has a 36 foot carousel in addition to tens of thousands of artifacts showcasing farm life in the 19th century.
  7. Walk around the charming main street. Sometimes that’s the best part of visiting a old town. Walk Cooperstown’s brick lined main street, pop into a few stores and take pleasure in small town life.
My “IDK” cookie from Schneider’s Bakery
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A note about Fly Creek Cider Mill…

You will see it on every list of “things to do in Cooperstown”.

You will pass signs for it.

You will see brochures for it.

I write this with the heaviest of heavy hearts…. Fly Creek Cider Mill is closed.

RIP to the best apple cider

The home of the best apple cider, the best doughnuts, the big chair, the honking geese and catchy “apples and cider, apples and cider” jingle has closed.

So, you’ll have to wait for it to be purchased and visit when it reopens. Or if you have a cool 2 million you can just buy it yourself!

Have you ever been to Cooperstown? Interested in taking a trip there? Would you add anything to this list? If you’re planning to take a road trip to Cooperstown with an infant, check out my packing list here.

Let me know below.



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