Happy Monday.

The past few weeks have been rough. I get kind of deflated or exhausted after the holidays. All that pressure and running around to prepare. I had a great holiday season, but I’ve definitely been hit by the January blues. We’ve already had a blizzard and two other storms here on Long Island, and are… Continue reading Happy Monday.

My Wedding Registry: 1 Hack and 5 Must Have Items!

Happy Sunday! As the wedding planning comes along I’ve started to make an Amazon registry. We’re going to register at Target and probably Crate & Barrel, too. I know weddings aren’t about the gifts, but there are some items I’m excited to get. Let me start of by saying that B and I moved in together… Continue reading My Wedding Registry: 1 Hack and 5 Must Have Items!

A Song for Days Like These

My biggest fear is a cliché. It’s boring. You’ve heard it a million times. Everyone gets it, most get past it. My biggest fear is settling. Putting down roots. I just want to say that I love my life. I love my fiancé and my family and I love my friends and where I’m at.… Continue reading A Song for Days Like These

This is false information…

If you’re anything like me (on a budget and looking to outsmart the general population), you love a good shopping hack. I kept seeing posts like the one above circling around Pinterest, describing mark down days and how to get an item at the lowest price. As a huge Target consumer I was pretty excited at… Continue reading This is false information…