Why You Need to Start Accepting Guest Posts

Do you accept guest posts on your blog? If not, you seriously might want to start.

Guest posting is a tried-and-true way to elevate your blog. I started accepting guest posts in 2022 and I can’t believe that I waited this long to try it! I honestly didn’t even think of it as an option for my style of blog. I also didn’t realize how many people out there would want to post on my blog!

Keep reading to see why you need to start including guest posts today.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a post on your blog written by a “guest”, typically another blogger. It’s different from an article written by a freelancer or ghost writer because it usually serves as a mutual promotion for both parties.

How do I find writers to guest post on my blog?

The simplest way to find people to guest post on your blog is to ask your readers! 

Ask them in a blog post or on social media! I was surprised when I posted a call for writers on my Instagram (with a very meager following). There were so many people wanting to write for my blog in exchange for promotion or just to exercise their freelance skills.

Be sure to include a Guest Post FAQ page on your blog with details on what kind of posts you’re looking for.

Here are some examples of what you might want to include in a guest post FAQ:

  • Suggested word count
  • Suggested topics
  • Banned topics
  • Banned language or themes
  • Where the post will be promoted
  • If you charge or pay for guest posts

Some blogs charge to feature guest posts. This is fine if you’re willing to provide stats to prove that the price is worth it.

It’s important that you aren’t just slapping up any old post from any old writer.

I ALWAYS check out the writer’s blog, social media, and I’m not afraid to give them a quick Google to make sure nothing controversial shows up. It’s my due diligence as a blog owner to make sure that the content I’m putting out is responsible, inclusive, and safe.

A social media search and hashtag scan can tell you a lot about someone’s beliefs. Make sure you know who’s writing for you and their reputation.

How do I guest post on a blog in 2022?

Start with your favorite blogs that are in line with your niche! Check to see if they have guest posting information on their contact or about page. If not, there is no harm in asking! Sending a friendly email with a request to send over your work might lead somewhere.

You can also simply do a Google search for guest posting opportunities in your selected niche. I would check out a few of the site’s articles to make sure that it’s somewhere you would be proud to be associated with.

How often should I feature guest posts?

You get to set the rules here.

It also largely depends on how often you post.

Here are some guest post scheduling ideas:
  • A guest post the first/last week of the month
  • A guest post every Monday
  • Guest posts for one whole week or one whole month
  • Guest posts with different perspectives on the same topic
  • Guest post themes (like recipes, book reviews, etc.)

Experiment and find what works for you!

Why you need to start accepting guest posts today:

The benefits of guest posts are endless, but here are some of my favorites:

You’ll make new friends

I have connected with so many interesting and insightful women through guest posting. It’s allowed me to “meet” people from different cultures and at so many different stages of life.

You get a writing “break”

Unless this is your full time job, you probably have other things you need to be doing during the day.

I know I have many days where I don’t even open my laptop, let alone write. That’s where guest posting can be helpful. I can post those articles on the days or weeks where I know I won’t be able to put my own work up.

This helps me stay consistent with my posting schedule and keeps my readers engaged.

If you also have annual word count goals or a posting schedule, this can be really helpful.

Increased traffic

Well written guest posts drive traffic, plain and simple.

Think of it like gaining a temporary second audience. Your post will (hopefully) be shared on different social media accounts or reposted to the guest posters blog. This will lead to an increased amount of eyes on your posts- and some of those readers might stick around for more.

You’ll support other bloggers

Guest posting is an excellent way to support other long form content creators. Both sites get extra sets of eyes on their posts and it’s always good to give a little love to other bloggers!

You might learn something new

It’s true! You might learn a new skill, recipe, or way of thinking. This is one of my favorite reasons to feature guest posts.

This is why guest posting is so great – you can get an expert to write on a topic that you do not fully understand or have the desire to research.

Some of Leaf and Steel’s most recent guest posts:

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Do you currently accept guest posts? Have you ever guest posted on another site?

Would you be interested in guest posting on Leaf and Steel?

Let me know below!


  1. I would love to guest blog. Please check out my site and social media. Let me know what topic you would like, I think you will see I have a variety. Please give me at least a week to send you material.

    1. Hi Hettie! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!
      That sounds great 🙂 Feel free to write on anything relating to motherhood, personal growth, self care, how you got into homesteading, etc – I’m flexible!
      Feel free to send your work over to helloleafandsteel@gmail.com, no rush.

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