How I Get Over Writer’s Block

I haven’t posted consistently in quite a long time.

I have the time.

I have the tools.

I have the ideas.

And I have writer’s block.

My Writer’s Block

When I’m on a roll with creating posts here, working on my WIP, or journaling, I can’t even remember what it feels like to have writer’s block.

These days, it is hard to imagine a time when I was pumping out a blog post every day, or writing 1000+ words on my WIP before I went to bed. I know I’ll get back to that place eventually!.

For right now, I need to use some of my old tricks to keep things moving in my writing life.

Writing has always been an outlet for me. Taking time each day to write makes me happy. Plain and simple. That makes me a better mom, wife, friend and member of society. Waking up early or staying up late to prioritize that half hour/hours to write is very important to me.

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It all started a few weeks ago, when everyone in my house got sick. I was (obviously) prioritizing sleep to recover, grabbing an extra twenty minutes of shut eye anywhere I could. I stopped writing every day.

Another big change was we decided to make a major change in our life (soon to be revealed), so I have spent many of my daughter’s nap times researching that. 

I miss writing! I miss the flow of it. I can’t wait to use some of these tricks to get back into the swing of things.

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How to Get Over Writer’s Block

Here are the ways I try to get over writer’s block!

Get Inspired

Pinterest is my favorite place to go for inspiration! It’s a great place to find ideas for blog posts and writing topics. I have several boards that I used to save inspiration for my personal life, too.

You can find me on Pinterest here.

Set a Clear Goal

Setting a clear goal can be extremely helpful if you set your own schedule and deadlines. I use Google Calendar to set my writing goals for the month. This helps keep on a posting schedule and gets all of my ideas out of my head and into a condensed, easy-to-access space. 

Break it Down

When you’re struggling with a goal as broad as “work on my novel” or “write a blog post”, it can be beneficial to break that down even further. It’s much more conducive to set small goals like “write 500 words” or “write just one page”. Another great way to do this is writing sprints…

Do a Writing Sprint

A writing sprint is when you set a timer and just pound the keyboard for a set amount of time. 15 minute writing sprints work best for me. There is no editing, no wasting time trying to find the perfect word, no distractions – just writing!

Change the Scenery

Sometimes you just need to change the scenery! Going to the local library or coffee shop can inspire a newfound level of productivity. There’s something about being in a semi-public space that keeps me focused. I guess I don’t want someone to look over at my screen and think “that lady came to the library just to scroll on Zillow”.

Use a Different Tool

I always write on my computer. Actually, I always write in a Google Drive document, Comic Sans font, size 11 pt.

Writing on paper, using talk-to-text in my Notes app, or recording myself gets the creative juices flowing. There’s something magical that happens when I walk around my kitchen, talking into my talk-to-text app. I can speak much faster than I can type, right? 

It allows me to be more fluid with my ideas, and I’m temporarily relieved of the burden of typos and formatting.

Those are the ways I can ease writer’s block!

Do you get writer’s block? Do any of these tips work for you?

Let me know below!



  1. Great post! I myself get over writer’s block by challenging myself to write as bad as I can. I’ll try to aim to irk the reader as much as I can. That helps me realise that writer’s block is a myth, and that my crappy posts aren’t as crappy as I think they are. Anyway, thanks for this read!

  2. I too LOVE the talk-text feature when writing. I feel like I can get my entire flow of words out vs. typing it all out. Love the post!

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