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The birds are chirping, the flowers are budding, and the wind is blowing at just the right speed! As nature prepares itself for summer, I think of all the fun things that are underway. Family vacations, backyard barbecues, and picnic lunches are just around the corner!

But there’s something else I love about May. Something that makes me look forward to this month more than all the others. This is the time of year when we’re celebrated for being moms!

I look forward to that special day where I’m pampered with gifts, showered with balloons, and recognized for my hard work and efforts toward raising my little munchkin! But as sweet as it is to be celebrated by others, I mostly look forward to the opportunities to celebrate myself.

As moms, we know that every day is Mother’s Day! That is why prioritizing our self-care is essential.

In this article, we will highlight a few ways for us to sneak in a little fun and add a little spice to our lives throughout the month of May!

Take a Class

The beautiful weather and pleasant temperatures this month brings makes it a perfect time for taking indoor or outdoor classes that spark our interest.

If you enjoy painting, cooking, or arranging flowers in your spare time, taking a class could be a great way to perfect your craft in either of those areas.

If you want to explore something totally new, on the other hand, such as music, dancing, or flying… taking a class could be a great way to change things up in your life.

Here’s a short list of just a few perks you can gain by taking a class:

  • Mental relaxation
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Learning a new skill
  • Connecting with other great people

I’m not sure about you, but I was SOLD at “mental relaxation.” So think about it!  If anything piques your interest that you haven’t had the chance to explore… now is the time!

Whatever direction you decide to take, taking a class would be a great way to carve out some quality time for yourself!

Dress to Impress

There’s an old saying that goes, “When we look good, we feel good.”

When was the last time you dressed up and felt good about yourself?  I mean really good!

As moms, we tend to get so busy prioritizing everyone else’s needs that we neglect ourselves at times… especially when it comes to our wardrobes.

May presents the perfect time for us to ditch the yoga pants and sweatshirts, and pull out those gorgeous sundresses that we haven’t worn in a while.

Dressing up has been proven to increase energy and confidence, encourage creative thinking, and foster self-expression… which all sounds like self-care to me!

So for the month of May, try giving your sweatpants and t-shirts a break. They deserve it!

Explore the Great Outdoors

We can’t celebrate Moms in May without honoring the mother of all mothers… Our beautiful Mother Nature is a sight to behold!

Since we spend so much of our time indoors (cooking, cleaning, and tending to household tasks), May is a great time for us to commit to more outdoor activities.

If you’ve been looking for new ways to keep your Vitamin D levels up, here’s a list of some fun activities you can enjoy.

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Bird watching
  • Outdoor photography

The way you connect with nature doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. A simple morning walk can help clear your mind, increase your energy, and make you feel better throughout your day.

Take a minute to think about the ways you’d like to explore, and let the May adventures begin!

I’m a devoted wife, girl mom, and educator turned homemaker.  After teaching for over 11 years, I decided to care for my family full time.  I’m now a part time freelance writer, creating blog posts and articles for businesses and individuals in my spare time.  My hobbies include cooking, reading recipes, and hiking with my family.

Find me on Instagram @made_to_be_marvelous or check out my website at

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