The Best California Books for Babies and Toddlers

There might not be anywhere more magical than California.

I spent the first few years of my life in the Bay Area and spent every summer of my childhood flying across the country to the sunshine state. One of my favorite things about California is how friendly everyone is! I can remember being a kid and wondering why everyone on Long Island seemed so unhappy all the time.

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Another thing that I love about California is how diverse the ecosystems are. It’s amazing how you can go from the snowy mountains, to the beach, to endless fields, to big cities. It’s a huge state and it’s incredible how much it has to offer.

I can’t wait to take my daughter to southern California next year! California is a huge part of my family’s history and I look forward to sharing that with her.

If you’ve read any of my other book recommendation posts, you know that reading is my daughter’s favorite activity. She’s had some of these California books since she was a newborn!

We have made reading her activity of choice by always having books accessible to her and incorporating them into our nap and bedtime routines.

My daughter’s favorite is “Good Night California” and the LA books, since we have family out there.

Board books are great for little kids because they are pretty indestructible and can handle being gently cleaned.

So, here are books on California for babies and toddlers! Take a look below…

C is for California by Trish Madson

All Aboard! California: A Landscape Primer by Haily Meyers

Let’s Count California: Numbers and Colors in the Golden State by David W. Miles

So Big! Yosemite by Melissa Iwai

Los Angeles is . . . by Elisa Parhad

Hello, California! by Martha Day Zschock

Good Night California by Adam Gamble

Good Night Los Angeles by Adam Gamble

123 California (Cool Counting Books) by Puck

Have you visited California? Do you think your little one would enjoy these books? Let me know below!



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