Decorating with Mapiful

If you are looking to elevate your space, look no further than Mapiful! Mapiful has loads of maps, images, and text prints for you to choose from. They offer customization and different sizes to fit what you need.

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What is Mapiful

Mapiful is a personal home decor company seeking to inspire and elevate your space! They have so many prints that you can choose from.

From their webiste:

We aim to provide unique meaningful products that boost your confidence, self esteem and elevate your creativity. We want to be the place you come to celebrate what matters most to you and the people you love.


Choosing a Map

I chose the Star Map in Retro Style. I wanted something special to commemorate my wedding. Since having a baby, all the focus has gone on her, so I wanted something special for just my husband and I.

All I had to do was go onto their site and choose a map and customize it with our wedding date and the location. They put in the exact star formations on that night and day. Our wedding was at night and we love to stargaze, so this was perfect for us!

I am still waiting on a custom frame (thank you supply chain crisis). For now, my map is posted in our living room. I love the colors and the sentimental value of having it custom to my wedding day. 

We have gotten so many compliments on it’s detail and gorgeous blue color.

I think for our next nursery we are going to go with one of the baby outline prints!

Why Choose Mapiful?

With so many choices online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what to do with a blank wall. Mapiful makes it easy. Their website is easy to use and shipping is fast.

I wish I had known about Mapiful around my wedding anniversary – they are the perfect anniversary present! I love expressing my gratitude for my husband through custom gifts.

Mapiful is also environmentally concious:

We pride ourselves on high-quality products, using sustainably-sourcedFSC-certified® paper weighing 200mg2 for each of our prints. We print your posters at the facility that’s local to you, and this also allows us to reduce carbon emissions by up to 67% on each order.

How do you decorate your walls? Do you add frames or decor or leave them plain?

Let me know below!

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