Pregnancy #2 is Mentally on the Way!

Pregnancy #2 is on the way!

You read that right, pregnancy #2.

Not baby #2, not yet at least.

When I was pregnant with my almost one-year-old, I couldn’t imagine wanting another baby so soon. Little did I know, baby fever came back almost instantly.

I was 100% in the get-this-demon-out-of-my-body camp once I hit 35 weeks. I did everything I could to encourage her out (see my post on 5 Things I Did to Go into Labor Naturally).

Once she was out, I insisted on walking from the labor unit to the maternity ward. I felt so good (hello oxytocin & adrenaline). I was so excited to have my daughter in my arms and so excited to just not be pregnant anymore.

It lasted 3 days.

By the time we got home, I was crying that I missed my big belly and lamenting the absence of my little one’s kicks inside me.

Even throughout the sleepless nights, the throw up, the blowouts, there’s never been a question about having more kids.

I never thought I would be ready for another one so soon. I had long planned on a two year split for my own personal reasons, but when I was pregnant this seemed very close.

Now, I feel ready for #2. Baby M is sleeping through the night and this blog is heading in a great direction. I feel fulfilled in my home life and “work” life. I know that another baby is going to be hard and take work, just like most rewarding things in my life.

So, it’s time to get ready for pregnancy #2. I’m going to be documenting the changes I’m making to my body and home in the next few weeks.

Here’s to #2!

Do you have kids? How did you space yours out?

Let me know below!

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