30 Rainy Day Project Ideas!

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Rain, rain go away! Today is a very stormy and blustery day. I wanted to make a list of 30 project ideas that I do or will be doing. We all have those projects that we’re saving for a rainy day. I hope this list inspires you to have a productive and fulfilling rainy day!

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  1. Organize a kitchen cabinet.

  2. Go on a solo drive with this playlist.

  3. Make a to do list for the month.

  4. Meal plan for next week.

  5. Binge watch that TV show everyone has been telling you to watch.

  6. Call a relative you spoken too in a while.

  7. Have a DIY spa day!

    Here’s a kit to get you started.
  8. Clean the oven.

  9. Start your holiday shopping – no matter what time of year it is.

  10. Make a rainy day playlist.

  11. Find some puddles to jump in. Rain is cleansing.

  12. Start an indoor project. This book is a great help.

  13. Set up online bill pay.

  14. Do a puzzle! Click for my favorite one!

  15. Tidy up your finances.

  16. Make the ultimate bucket list.

  17. Support your community: visit a local museum or small business.

  18. Look up a tutorial on Youtube (beauty, art, etc.) and try following it!

  19. Make a gratitude list! I have a post on how to make one here.

  20. Try a new recipe with items in your kitchen that are about to expire.

  21. Make an emergency contact list.

  22. Start a blog.

  23. Vacuum under your couch/bed/etc. (Yes, this is a project).

  24. Bullet journal.

  25. Purge your closet. You can sell on eBay or Poshmark.

  26. Have an indoor picnic.

  27. Clean out your purse.

  28. Purge your social media. Unfollow or unfriend anyone toxic or unnecessary.

  29. Plan a vacation (even if you don’t plan on going anywhere).

  30. Write a letter.

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So, there are 30 rainy day ideas!

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What’s a project you’ve been waiting to start? Have any ideas to add to this list?


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