Here’s Why Christmas Season is the Best

It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and I will die on that hill with Andy Williams!

Christmas season is full of wonder, cookies, presents, and cheer. If I can get my shopping done early enough, Christmas season is pure JOY!

I delight in baking cookies to Christmas music with my TV fireplace on in the background. My Christmas season begins in early November and I love every second of it.

Christmas season is the best, and here’s why!


Who doesn’t love a simple color scheme and bright, shiny lights? The actual act of decorating is a fun way to bring in in the holiday season. I love adding to my “collection” each year and having specific decor for specific places. The next item I have on my list to get is lighted outdoor reindeer. We have a big yard and I’d love to look out my window and see a herd of reindeer lit up in the night!

Christmas Music

Who doesn’t love Christmas music? I start listening in late October/early November because who’s going to stop me? They key to Christmas music is having playlists that reflect the mood – somber Christmas, joyful Christmas, religious Christmas, background Christmas, rowdy Christmas, etc. Check out my post on Christmas Compilations to Listen to this Year for some inspiration!


There’s not much to say here – holiday food is it’s own animal. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar is always on the menu. I love letting loose and going to town on candy canes, Christmas cookies, and pie!

Gift Giving

One positive to getting older is starting to enjoy gift giving! I love getting people exactly what they need or ask for, or finding something unexpected they didn’t even know they wanted.

Holiday Cheer

Something changes in people once the jingle bells start ringing and the lights go up. They just become nicer, myself included. Despite how stressful the Christmas season can be, it feels like people have a little more grace with each other, at least her on Long Island.


We never want to admit, but presents are one of the best parts of the holiday season! Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I really look forward to having some gifts for myself, since I don’t get to do as much shopping as I used to. Now that I’m an adult I’m perfectly content with socks, books, and a warm scarf!

Seeing Things Through My Child’s Eyes

Ah, I saved the best for last. I saw this cheesy quote on Instagram today, “As a grown-up I’ve learned that all the “Christmas magic” I felt as a kid was really a mom who loved me so damn much” and oof I felt that! Both of my parents worked so hard to make Christmas the most special day of the year. They were so cautious about keeping us grounded in reality and gratitude but on Christmas we were spoiled rotten (or at least it felt that way).

Now, as a parent, I love recreating those enchanted moments for my daughter. I want it to be the most relaxing, magical, exceptional day for her. I want her to compare everything in her life to the excitement of Christmas morning.

This will only be her second Christmas, but I can already sense her joy and excitement when she sees the lights and decorations. She remains very confused about trees coming indoors, though.

Seeing her light up over the simplest things is the greatest gift I could ever receive. Now, if only we could figure out how to get her to sing Jingle Bells…

Agree or disagree? What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Do you think it’s overrated or are you obsessed, like me? Let me know below!


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