Does Your Baby Need a Sleepsack?

If you’re working on your baby registry, you might be wondering if you need a sleepsack. I had never heard of one before I started researching what to put on my Babylist.

When my mother and mother-in-law first saw the sleep sack on my daughter, they were very confused. They did not have as much data back when we were kids. They didn’t know that putting baby in the crib with blankets led to an increased risk of SIDS.

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They also did not know that dressing baby too warmly, or providing too many blankets could lead to overheating and again, an increased risk of SIDS.

They were skeptical at first, but after seeing how my crying, exhausted daughter would instantly calm when she put hers on, they became belivers!

Now, getting in her sleep sack after a diaper change and fresh pajamas is a comforting part of her nighttime routine.

So, I’m here to turn you into a believer too! Here are some frequently asked questions about baby sleep and sleep sacks!

Does your baby need a sleepsack?

Yes, your baby will eventually need a sleep sack! Unless you live in an extremely hot climate, you will need one.

What is a sleep sack?

A sleepsack is a wearable blanket with arm holes that covers your baby’s body and is closed at the bottom. They are typically made of breathable cotton or thin fleece.

When does my baby need a sleep sack?

Your baby needs a sleep sack as soon as they show signs of rolling over. The last thing you want is baby rolling over while they are swaddled, unable to turn back over. This can start as early as 3 months. Some babies never like being swaddled and may benefit from using a sleep sack earlier. You can always consult with your pediatrician about when it is safe to start using a sleepsack.

Do babies like sleep sacks?

Yes! Babies like sleep sacks because they provide warmth, comfort, and an extra layer of security. With a sleep sack, you don’t have to worry about baby being cold or the covers getting throw off of them. You also do not have to worry about baby pulling the covers over their face and potentially suffocating, or get the blanket tightly wound around a body part. Sleep sacks give parents and baby a sense of security – and hopefully a good night’s sleep!

Is a sleep sack and wearable blanket the same thing?

Yes, a sleep sack and wearable blanket is the same thing.

Is a sleep sack and a swaddle the same thing?

No, sleep sacks and swaddles are not the same thing. Sleep sacks allow baby to have their arms out, while swaddles (typically) keep baby’s arms in. Sleep sacks are usually much looser than a swaddle. Babies like being swaddled in the beginning because they are used to being so cozy inside mama’s belly; they find the snugness comforting. As they begin to show signs of rolling, swaddles are no longer safe. That’s when you know it’s time to move on to a sleep sack!

Do babies like Burt’s Bees Wearable Blanket?

Yes! Babies love the Burts Bee’s Wearable Blanket because they provide comfort, style and the right amount of coverage without overheating!

From their website:

‘”Safer alternative to blankets for newborn and infants, baby sleep sacks are designed to reduce the risk of SIDS. 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified, breathable fabric to help prevent over-heating.” – Burt’s Bees

How long does baby need a sleepsack?

Your baby should wear a sleep sack at least until the age of one, when blankets are usually okay to give. However, there is no rush to ditch the sack! One of the many benefits of a sleep sack is that you don’t have to worry about the blankets being pulled off of baby. It may also provide a simple source of comfort for your little one.

Does baby need a blanket and a sleep sack?

No, your baby does not need a blanket and a sleep sack. Using a blanket and a sleep sack could lead to overheating and an increased risk of SIDS. Dress your infant in temperature appropriate, comfortable, tight fitting clothing for bedtime, followed by the sleep sack.

What are the best sleep sack brands?

The best sleep sack brands are Burt’s Bees and Halo. The Beekeeper Wearable Blanket from Burt’s Bees is breathable and comes in so many cute prints! Some Halo Sleep Sack can transform from a swaddle into a sleep sack, which saves money. They also have some pretty adorable patterns!

Are sleep sacks safe to use in a crib?

Yes, sleep sacks are safe to use in a crib.

Are sleep sacks safe to use in a bassinet?

Yes, sleep sacks are generally safe to use in a bassinet. Although, note that baby should transition out of the typical bassinet if they are rolling. If baby is not rolling yet, but would still like to use a sleep sack, they can definitely do so in a bassinet!

As with all things baby, always discuss with your pediatrician! They are the best one to guide you through making decisions for your baby. Please review safe sleep guidelines before putting your little one down for a rest. The best thing you can do is listen to your pediatrician and medical professionals, rather than survivor bias.

Does your baby use a sleep sack?

Do you have an item that your baby needs to fall asleep?

Let me know below!


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