7 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for the New Moms

It begins the moment the pregnancy is announced – it becomes all about the baby. Everyone wants to know what they can buy for the little bundle of joy.

But, what about mom?

Here are 7 sweet items you can purchase for the next mom-to-be in your life!

If your familiar with me or my blog, you know that I am frugal to a fault. I used to think I was exceptionally talented at separating the needs from the wants, but sometimes everything besides food feels like a want.

Now that I’m almost a year into motherhood, I’ve found that there are a few splurges that wouldn’t want to live without! I am so grateful that I received the following items as gifts from loved ones or bit the bullet and spoiled myself.

During my pregnancy I would buy little gifts for myself here or there. I then put them in a bag in a closet and gave them to myself as a “postpartum gift”. Having some new clothes, self-care items and things on this list really helped me feel like a human being again.

I know as a new mom, even the slightest acknowledgement that I was separate than my baby and just as deserving of nurturing love and care went a long way.

1. Yeti 20 oz Rambler

Trust me on this. This is my most prized possession. You will need coffee and you will need a Yeti to keep it hot for hours. I don’t know how this thing works, but I’ll never drink out of a mug again!

2. A Luxury Bathrobe

An extra cozy bathrobe is a must-have. Those first few weeks are brutal and you will not want to be dressed in anything that isn’t super soft and boob-accessible. I wore pajamas and a bathrobe for the first three months and I will apologize to no one!

This one from Barefoot Dreams is worth the hype.

Slippers are up there with the bathrobe. Why be anything but comfortable? You just had a whole baby. I’ve had a lot of slippers in my day and I have to say it’s a toss up between Ugg and Minnetonka for comfort. Uggs tend to be a little more sturdy, so it depends on your needs.

3. Airpods

Airpods are the best for making a phone call while taking care of baby, listening to a show while breastfeeding at night, or slipping in during a never ending crying event. Now that I’m riding the cordless train I’m never looking back. I love using my Airpods when we go on walks and Baby M has fallen asleep – it’s a great time to check in with friends or jam out.

4. Slippers

It’s a toss up for me between Minnetonka’s and Uggs! I’ve owned a lot of slippers in my day and they have been my footwear of choice since becoming a mom. I will say that Uggs seem to hold up a bit longer, but Minnetonka’s are softer. Either way, slippers are a great gift for a new mom.

5. Starbucks Gift Cards

A whole lot of them. I found a drawer that was filled with Starbucks gift cards. I uploaded them all to the app and figured out the point system and online ordering. It would be a special treat for Baby M and I to go out and get Starbucks on Friday afternoons. You can never have enough Starbucks gift cards.

6. Sweatpants

Are you seeing a theme here? Comfort, comfort, comfort. But, that doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed! Rails is one of my favorite brands and lasts a lifetime. Cozy sweats are a must-have for at least the first 18 years after having a baby.

7. Crock Pot

I have been loving my Crock Pot lately because I can just toss all the ingredients in, set it and forget it! It makes the house smell amazing and one pot = one thing to clean. This one has 6 settings including a roast and sauté setting. Throw in some ingredients and cute paper plates for a thoughtful, easy gift!

So, there are the things I wouldn’t want to live without in early motherhood.

Although it’s so much fun to spoil a new baby, it’s easy to forget that moms need some immediate spoiling too!

Do you have something you splurged on but now can’t live without? Anything you’d add to this list?

Let me know below!


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