Daytime Activities for 10 Month Olds

My sweet baby girl is officially 10 months old! She has always been a busy baby and is showing no signs of slowing down!

As a former early childhood educator, I know how important it is to hit on all sections of baby’s development. And, as a stay at home parent, I know how quickly I can feel burnt out and unaware of what to do to keep my baby busy.

When I can’t figure out what to do next with my baby, I reference this list. It ensures that all areas of development are being targeted.

This post is a breakdown of the PDF that I use to help my child’s development. You can download the PDF here.

Fine Motor Skills

Baby M is loving the Color Snake Clutching Toy from HABA! It has elastic running through it so it can be manipulated by little hands in so many ways. It’s made from beech wood and we love that it’s durable, because my daughter is strong.

Thank you to HABA Toys for partnering with me on this post #gifted.

Another great way to encourage fine motor skills is through mealtime. We’ve been doing baby led weaning and I’ve found that it’s a natural way for baby to practice the pincer grasp. Puffed rice cereal is an easy way to encourage eating and fine motor too!

Soft blocks, rattles, and flap books are easy ways to sharpen little one’s hand coordination too. My daughter’s favorite thing right now is ripping up napkins. Although it’s messy, I know it’s helping her build that finger dexterity and muscle!

Color Snake from HABA Toys

Here’s the fine motor list:

Gross Motor Skills

My baby isn’t crawling yet, so we’re still working on tummy time to strengthen her arms and trunk for crawling. This is a start where you’re at section, whether your baby is still just pushing up or waddling down the hall!

  • Tummy time
  • Crawling
  • Pulling Up
  • Walking


Right now, my focus is songs we (well, I) can clap to. I clap very slowly and clearly, to encourage her to do the same.

  • B-I-N-G-O
  • Five Little Ducks
  • If You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Yankee Doodle


Baby led weaning for the win again! Squishing avocado or banana is an easy sensory activity and healthy snack!

I also love to put baby M down on the lawn so she can feel the blades of grass under her feet. Here are some more activties:

  • Water play
  • DIY Rain Tube
  • Touching different textures
  • “Walking” on grass/sand/outdoor materials
  • Baby Led Weaning
DIY Rice Rain Tube


This one is the same since birth! Labeling, narrating and reading are the best way to develop language skills in your little one. Instead of passing a toy when your baby motions to it, try “you want your blue truck, so I am passing you your blue truck”. For me, the constant talking is one of the more exhausting parts of parenting. Taking pauses and “listening” for my daughter’s response turns it into a conversation and can make it a little less isolating.

  • Having a “conversation”
  • Narration
  • Reading
  • Descriptive language
Some of our favorites right now!

There’s no perfect parent out there, and it can be difficult to feel like all this can be crammed into one day. I print out the PDF and hang it in my nursery so I have something to reference when I can’t figure out what to do next!

How do you play with your 10 month old? Do you find this list helpful?

Let me know below.


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