My Baby is Growing Up

My baby is no longer a newborn. She’s a cooing, grasping, giggling baby. At 12 weeks old she is growing seemingly overnight. Every week I put more and more outfits in the “too small” bin for storing. Today, after putting away her tiny little onesies and tiny little pants it hit me that she will never be this small again.

I’ve put away my crop tops and size 2 pants “for another time”, or skirts and dresses for next summer, but she will literally never fit into these clothes again. The only time I’ll see them again is if I have another baby or give them away. She hits milestone after milestone these days. I had no idea it’d be this bittersweet.

I think becoming a mom has made me a complete mush. And that’s okay. I’m going to keep soaking up the coos and teensy feet.

I am so grateful for my time with her.


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