Fall Bucket List – 2019

Happy fall y’all! I have been anxiously awaiting this time all year. It’s the time of year when all humidity, pool parties and my thighs sticking to chairs melt away to reveal the champion of the seasons.

One of the changes I’m looking forward to is taking out the air conditioner and finally sleep with the windows open again. Also being able to step outside without sweating.

With that first morning of crisp, dry air comes a promise of coziness and comfort.

Autumn is absolutely beautiful on Long Island. I’ll admit that I only came to appreciate the season when I became an adult – before that the changing of the leaves signified the start of a seemingly long school year. Now, I welcome the change and look forward to it every year.

I have a list of all the things I want to do this year. So, here’s my bucket list for this fall. I’m sure more will be added to the list!

    1. Pumpkin Picking
    2. Make a Fall Playlist
    3. Drink apple cider
    4. Go on a leaf ‘peeper’ trip
    5. Bake pumpkin bread
    6. Roast pumpkin seeds
    7. Decorate with fall decor
    8. Pick apples
    9. Make homemade cranberry sauce
    10. Plant mums
    11. Go on a hayride
    12. Light an autumn-scented candle
    13. Go to a pumpkin patch
    14. Have a cozy night in
    15. Take a scenic drive

There you have it! I’m especially looking forward to #4 and #13, and might have already gotten a head start with #2.

Are you fall-obsessed like me? What are your autumn traditions? Feel free to share your fall bucket list below!




fall bucket list

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