10 Items You Can Buy During the Two Week Wait

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…or before the two week wait, or whatever.

There’s a part of my brain that’s incredibly messy and spontaneous, and then there’s also a part that loves to be ahead of the curve. I had my wedding planned before I got engaged and here I am again, researching babies before having one.


Just as a clarification – I’m not pregnant or trying to conceive. Let me say that again, I’m not pregnant or trying to conceive.

I’m 25 and I have some sweet time before moving onto the next chapter of my life.

I do, from time to time, purchase small ticket items from Target or pick up gently used onesies while at the thrift store.

Now, I know this title will be met with one of two responses, “wait for the shower” or “you’ll jinx it”. Both valid reactions. My husband thinks I’m nuts.

But, I know there’s a small sliver of you out there, like me, who can’t wait.

Here’s my justification: I will have a newborn one day. Come hell or high water. Whether it happens naturally, assisted by science, or through adoption.

Buying these items gives me some weird sense of security, or hope. Maybe it’s because I’ve been told so many times that everything related to pregnancy and motherhood is so innumerably uncontrollable.

Either way, I like the little “hope chest” I have for that little miracle someday. I would suggest telling your partner what you’re doing, or they might be a bit concerned/freaked out if they find out.

I have searched for lists like this endlessly online and can’t find any that aren’t tailored for a registry.

So, here’s a list of 10 things you can purchase early, whether you’re in the two-week wait, or in the two year wait, like me:

  1. Books. Baby books are just the sweetest! Whether it’s Good Night Moon or Stellaluna, we all have our childhood favorites that we’d like to pass down onto our own children.
  2. Newborn diapers. One pack. Maybe two. Your little one might not even need them, have an allergy, etc. Do you research here.
  3. Pacifiers. I know there are many shapes and kinds of pacifiers, but I’d pick up some of these from Philips Avent.
  4. Muslin cloths. Muslin cloths are perfect for burping, spit up, slobber, swaddling and more! Check out cute printed ones from Little Unicorn or aden + anais.
  5. Gentle laundry detergent. Do some research here on what would be best for your family!
  6. Baby thermometer. Our (adult) thermometer broke this winter, so I replaced it with this one, which works for adults and just so happens to work for babies too.
  7. Nail clippers. Little ones need special clippers for their nails. Add these to your cart on your next Target run or Amazon Prime binge.
  8. Safety items. Electrical socket covers, child locks and stove covers will come in handy down the road.
  9. That expensive toy. Or clothing item, or book. For me, it’s this onesie I saw in California. As a Cali girl at heart, I’ll have to snatch it up.
  10. Sale items. Hit up a clearance section for discounted shampoo, washcloths and more.

Remember that some items expire and safety guidelines change all the time. Always consult with a doctor or check out americanpregnancy.org for more resources.

Did you purchase any items before you found out you were pregnant, try to conceive or in the two week wait?

If you have a baby of your own, what would you add to this list?


10 Items to buy during the two week wait

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