The Importance of Getting Outside in All Types of Weather

Baby M and I visited my parents this morning. Long Island is dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Ian this week. The rain has gone from peaceful drizzle to pouring buckets, but it hasn’t stopped yet. I swear the temperature dipped into the 40s.

I finally convinced my husband that it was time to turn on the heat.

Back to my parents.

Baby M loves my parents house, and I do too. This is still the “new house” in my mind. I was still pregnant when they moved, so Baby M doesn’t know any different.

She wants to go outside to see the “duckins'”, a trio of stone ducklings and their mama duck that watched over the old house, and now this garden too. “Owssssside owsside owsside!” she demands with such conviction only relayed by toddlers. I sigh. “Mama owsside”. She wants me everywhere lately.

I put on her little coat and my dad lifts her over the doorway and we make our way outside.

“Mama duckins baby duckins” Baby M says.

The newly fallen leaves swirl. The sky was dark and it was freezing. Well, not freezing, but you know, early fall freezing.

He said something about being outside in nature, connecting with nature.

And so my shower thought was, “we need to get off of our phones and spend more time in nature”.

Of course I had to sarcastically ask if that was an original thought.

But, it’s true.

Baby M has taught me that the Alfred Wainright quote is true. It goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

And let me tell you, we are always in unsuitable clothing, but we are down to explore in any type of weather.

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