September in Review

I guess I’m just going to have to accept that time really does go by faster as you age. Days whip past me. I can’t believe it’s October 1st! I’m excited to be participating in #Blogtober22 this year and delighted that the first post is a monthly recap!

Here it goes:

The Not-So-Great

I fell with my kid. Face first. Into pavement. You heard that right. My worst nightmare. An event made worse by my ridiculous screaming, a LARGE iced pumpkin spice latte being spilled onto my daughter, and a very bloody knee. We were both shaken, but completely fine!

Whew, what a good month if that’s all I can think of! Nothing else to report except for the usual life stuff, like chores, not getting around to reading/yoga-ing/hydrating as much as I wanted to, or inflation just decimating my food budget.

The Good

I had a perspective change. I have a lot of subconscious conditions on joy. A lot of them have to do with money and looks and timing. A lot of conditions. A lot of “I’ll be happy when…” or “I could be happy if…”. Fill in the blank, I’m sure you know the drill. I know most of us are like this. I don’t know what happened but I woke up a few weeks ago and remembered that I have a lot more control over how I feel than I’d like to admit. I reset my perspective and I’ve been feeling so much better about life.

We got back outside. Sweet Jesus the heat is gone. We can finally emerge from the air conditioned cave and back out into the real world. Most days have been park days, which has been excellent for Baby M’s confidence and my sanity.

I did NOT get any allergic reactions. After the summer I had, this is a huge accomplishment. Check out my August in Review for context.

I got to go away! I got to Connecticut with my mom for a weekend. Without my child. Pure bliss. We did some Christmas shopping and I had a delightful dinner at Hopkins Inn (my first time). I’ll definitely be going away for a child free weekend soon!

How was your September? Did yours fly by as quickly as mine?

What are your plans for October?
Let me know below!


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