June in Review

Happy July!

Man, am I ready for summer to be over. I write this covered in poison ivy, mosquito bites, and one exquisitely swollen bee sting.

Have you ever heard that we’re just pre-programmed to love summer because of our association with school ending? I think it’s true.

I will take any season but summer. Maine, or even Canada is starting to sound good. The older I get, the harder the heat gets.

I know, I know, I’m complaining. It’s just not for me. Do you actually like summer? Tell me I’m not alone…

Anyways, here’s a little recap from June.

The Not-So-Great:

I’m allergic to bees. Not like “oh I don’t like this thing so I’m going to say I have an allergy” – like an allergy-allergy. I got stung twice in 3 weeks by honeybees on the same foot and went on the same yummy antibiotics. Apparently honeybees don’t sting unless provoked (read: stepped on). Me and my epi-pen are ready to fight.

I didn’t try anything new. I didn’t read any books this month and I didn’t listen to any new music. June felt weirdly busy, even though I don’t think I actually did much.

The Good:

I spent most days outside. Despite the bees and other brazen fauna, I think the time outside served me well. There’s nothing like sunshine. I would like to thank my dog and toddler for this.

I got some blog posts up. Not as many as I’d like, of course 😉

I spent time with family and friends. That’s what’s really important to me, at the end of the day. There’s no substitute for quality time with loved ones.

Summer is almost over. It’s July- that means were almost done! I can’t wait for pumpkins and colder weather and for all the bugs to go back underground.

How was your June? Did you learn anything new? Do anything fun?

Any big plans for July?

Let me know below!


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