May in Review

Today I’m sharing the not-so-great and the good from May.

May was sweet and slow. I spent so much time outside with my family! Really living the American dream over here.

I feel like I’m slowly coming out of survival mode that started when we got our Vizsla puppy in March.

Here are some highlights from May!

The Not-Great

Hello anxiety, my old friend. It’s baaaackkkk. Due to recent events in the news, I feel like my anxiety is in full swing. Doing all the things to get in back in check.

Didn’t write as much as I wanted. The reason why I didn’t write as much is because I’m out of my writing rhythm and I had so many guest posts. I need to take my own direction and get rid of my writer’s block!

Can’t seem to wake up before 7a.m. I don’t know why! Every night I set my alarm for 6, and every morning I turn them off and sleep until my kid wakes me up. I really, really want to get back to where I was B.B. (Before Bodhi), getting up at 6 and writing before everyone else woke up. Maybe this month…

My puppy still bites. And he bites hard. Only in the backyard. Only me. I keep telling him I’m getting him a one way ticket back to Pittsburgh.

Life with My 8-Week-Old Vizsla Puppy

The Good

My puppy turned a corner. Okay, so he’s not all bad. He still bites and he’s still so much work, but I think I’ll keep him. For the past 2.5 months I’ve had to keep my puppy separated from my toddler, which has been pretty taxing on everyone. I had been putting her in a pen in our kitchen when the pup needed to be out and would count down the minutes until his nap time. 

Towards the end of May he finally calmed down enough to be around the toddler without a leash. I have to say, they are both doing an amazing job respecting each other’s boundaries! I’m now getting that puppy-baby cuteness I was looking for!

Bedtime yoga is a game changer. Most nights, I did a ten minute yoga routine in my bedroom in the dark with just a candle. Since I spend all day contorting my body into weird positions for the sake of SAHM life, stretching at the end of the day has given me more restful sleep. I’m not a huge routine person, but I can see the allure.

Getting rid of news. My post here has more information. I’m a big believer that “you are what you eat”, and after taking an inventory of what I’ve been consuming, I decided to ditch the news. I can still stay current on what’s happening in my area and a general idea of the state of the world, but I gave up subscriptions to news publications that I was compulsively checking, as well as my personal Instagram. (I’m still active on my Leaf and Steel Instagram).

Guest posts galore. Want to guest post? I’d love to have you. Through WordPress and Instagram I’ve met so many lovely souls who have featured their articles on my site! Check out the guest post FAQ here.

How was your May?

Did you do anything fun or learn anything new?

Let me know below!


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