April in Review

April was a blur!

Raising a Vizsla puppy has taken my full attention this month. If you plan on getting a puppy, take note; they are a lot or work. I did a great deal of research and was still shocked by how much training, attention, and patience my little guy needs.

That being said, he is absolutely adorable and is definitely going to grow into a great dog. He’s gorgeous and very funny.

Anyways, that’s kind of taken the focus this month. We were all in survival mode. It’s been difficult to keep the dog and baby separated so that they don’t hurt each other.

I keep reminding myself that this is all temporary!

Here’s the not-so-great and the good from April.

The Not-So-Great

The dog. The dog, the dog, the dog. He’s so much sometimes. I write this covered in bruises and scratches and bumps. All typical puppy stuff.

Wakeup times. For the second month I have failed to wake up when I want to. I always set my alarm for 6 but find myself hitting snooze. Maybe next month!

The Good

I survived. That’s about all I can put here. I survived my crazy pup biting and jumping and growing too fast for me to keep up.

Outdoor time. The weather turns beautiful on Long Island this time of year. That means we’ve been getting outside as much as possible. I love watching the yard turn lush and full with green. Baby M has been having a blast in her baby jogger.

How was your April?

Did you do anything fun or learn anything new?

Let me know below!


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