Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter weekend!

I know Easter is the time for rebirth.

What part of you needs to be reborn? Restored?

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships. How they change over time, how my reaction to them changes over time. I truly believe that strong relationships are the key to a fulfilling life.

My relationships are being reborn, as we re-enter the world.

I, in particular, am re-entering the world as a mom. When the pandemic started I was not even four weeks pregnant.
I went into it as an overworked, burnt-out girl and I’m coming back as a refreshed, confident (and maybe a little burnt out) mom.

The way that I relate to my friends and acquaintances is different because I am different, they are different. The world is different.

We need rebirth. We need to listen to our needs. I find myself craving intimacy, in its truest sense. I crave truth and meaning. I’m so grateful to have relationships with deep roots during this time.

I know they haven’t officially called it “over”, but I’m hoping it is.

What part of you needs to be reborn this year?

Let me know below.


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