The Best Winter Books for Babies

If you’re looking for winter themed books for baby, look no further! I’ve gathered the best books about snow, ice, and winter for your little one.

Winter is a great time to gather your family together and pick up a book. There are countless reasons why you should be reading every day with your baby, which we will get into further down this post.

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One of my favorite ways to keep learning fresh for my 14-month-old daughter is to develop a weekly or monthly theme. We will go to our local library and take out books on a particular theme (whales, holiday, ants, etc.). We pull out stuffed animals and toys that fit this theme.

This gives us some focus instead of playing with the same toys and reading the same books over and over again. I am a stay-at-home-mom so the days can get a little monotonous!

Let’s say our theme is the ocean. We might gather the stuffed animals that live under the sea, listen to whale songs, and pretend to be fish.

For our winter theme we have gathered some of the following books and have brought out the stuffed animals that live in the snow! We have snow on the ground now, so we went sledding and used our 5 senses to explore the wintry mix.

There are so many benefits to reading with your baby! Let’s look at some of them before getting into the list.

Why should babies read books?

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When should baby start reading books?

Did you know that you can start reading to your baby in the womb?

From Greenchild Magazine:

“At about six months along, a baby is already quite familiar with the sounds of the womb, from the mother’s heartbeat to digestive sounds. From outside the womb, sounds are extremely clear, although about 10 decibels lower.

From week 25 forward, a baby’s primary connection and information to the outside world comes in the form of sound. By this point, the soothing, rhythmic sounds of a simple story should be quite audible, although the tones and cadences of the voice are more important than enunciation of the actual words.”

This activity is not only soothing to the baby, but to mom as well. Creating an early bonding experience is a wonderful way to start off your lifelong relationship.

I would read Runaway Bunny to Baby M. I’m sure I had it as a kid, but when I read it for the first time as an adult I tried to fight back tears as I read it to an unfamiliar 3-year-old. I was a preschool teaching assistant at the time and had randomly picked it out of a bin. Between the illustrations and touching message, there’s no doubt it’s one of my favorite early childhood reads.

I purchased the book, even though I wasn’t pregnant (you can check out my post on 10 Items You Can Buy During the Two Week Wait if you are the type of crazy person that buys things for your imaginary baby – like me). 

Once I was pregnant, I read it to Baby M once I was far enough along. I balanced the board book pages on my big belly and cried every time!

I loved reading it to her when she was super little. I always tell her “mama read this to you when you were in my belly” and I wish I could tell you that her tiny face lights up and she nods in recognition. The truth is that she usually swats the book out of my hand before we make it to the third page. Just not her cup of tea, I guess.

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What if my baby wants to read the same book over and over again?

There is nothing wrong with re-reading the same book over and over again! This can help with building confidence, vocabulary, reading comprehension, fluency and pattern and recognition (see more at Brightly).

I know my daughter read Where’s Spot? every waking moment for a week. In the end, she was clearly so proud of herself for being able to lift all the flaps and shake her head “no” when Spot wasn’t under the couch or in the clock. 

There’s nothing wrong with repeating the same books if your child loves them! You’ll see that your voice falls into the same rhythm for each line. It’s adorable when your little one becomes old enough to try to repeat this!

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Where should I keep my baby’s books?

It is very important to have books readily accessible and easy to reach without your assistance. I have a post on How to Create a Learning Center for a One-Year-Old if you’d like to see some more tips on how to do this!

We have books in just about every room of the house. The books are on multiple ground level shelves or bins. We went to the dollar store and picked up a few plastic bins in fun colors for her to keep her smaller board books in!

Making sure your child can reach the books is what is most important.

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What are the best winter themed books for babies?

The Mitten

Biscuit’s Snowy Day


Baby Touch and Feel Winter

Ten Sparkly Snowflakes

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Hello Winter

Little Owl’s Snow

Winter in the Forest

The Three Snow Bears

If you’re interested in finding the best books for your little one, check out some of my other books recommendation posts!

Does your baby love to read? Do you ever pick a “theme” for your little one?

Let me know below!


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