Fall Friday Favorites #10

Happy Fall Friday!

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I know I’m still stuffed from all the food.

Any holiday week is a weird week. The downside to being on a set routine is struggling when one little part of it gets bumped out of place.

Anyways, here are some things I’m loving this week!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Ah, the ever-controversial homemade vs. store-bought cranberry sauce debate. I always have been and always will be team homemade. I love making my own cranberry sauce and storing it in the fridge to put on just about anything. I do a bag of cranberries, a cup of sugar and a cup of pulp-free orange juice and just simmer it on the stove! I love homemade cranberry sauce on homemade corn bread.

My Stroller

We were gifted a lovely UppaBaby stroller and it’s worth the price tag. We call it Baby M’s car. I’ve put so much mileage on this thing lately. It’s so smooth and it just has so much room in the undercarriage. It’s truly one of my favorite things!

The Official Christmas Music Season

I’ve been listening to Christmas music since October because who cares about time anymore? Even though I got started very early this year, today is the official start to the Christmas season! I normally would have waited until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate. Now, I can blast my Christmas music without criticism from my husband! My favorite Christmas song is either Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) sung by Darlene Love or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by either Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland, I can’t choose!

Scheduling Posts

I love that I can schedule posts here! I try to post every weekday, so having some schedule posts during holiday weeks makes it super easy to hit my blogging goals and take a day off.

This is the last Fall Friday for this year! I’ve really enjoyed posting these as hearing from you guys every week!

What are you loving this week? How was your Thanksgiving? Let me know below!


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