Fall Friday Favorites #9

Happy Fall Friday y’all!

It’s almost the end of Fall Fridays, so I’m going to find another topic to post about every week!

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Here are some things I’m loving this week.

Colder Weather

I used to hate the cold. Never liked it. I always said I wanted to move down south to be warm. Not anymore! Maybe this is just part of getting older? I really don’t mind being tucked away in my house with the heat on, covered in heaps of blankets and wool socks. I think it’s part of being a “grown up” and letting go of the heat=summer=no school phenomenon.

Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade

We’re whipping this out for a very special occasion – my baby’s birthday! I love sparkling (non-alcoholic) drinks and this one takes the cake. It’s great on it’s own or watered down with some plain seltzer. I believe every drink should have bubbles and I’m going to need someone to open one of those alcohol-free seltzer bars on Long Island.

My Yeti Tumbler

Even though it was a gift, these bad boys are worth every cent. I have the pink one and it’s like my shadow. It follows me everywhere. Not only does it keep my coffee hot for hours, it can also store a warm bottle (bet you didn’t think of that).

Bar Keeper’s Friend

Can you tell I need more hobbies? I love this stuff. I seriously love it. Thank you r/CleaningTips. It really does it all. I’m a fan of having just a few products to do multiple jobs, and Bar Keeper’s Friend makes the cut. I’ve tried the liquid and the powder, and the latter takes the cake. I implore you to try it. You won’t be disappointed.

What are you loving this week? Let me know below!



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