Fall Friday Favorites #6

Happy fall Friday!

It’s getting COLD here (a freezing 50F) and it’s starting to feel less and less like fall and more like winter!

We’ve finally turned the heat on and I’m content and cozy inside.

Here are some things I’m loving this week!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is not my holiday. I’m not into scary things, scaring people, or being scared. I’m more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas person. So, we don’t even really own Halloween decorations. But, I’m loving seeing everyone else’s! When my daughter and I walk around the neighborhood we stop and look at the displays!

Please Don’t Destroy

Please Don’t Destroy is the supposed next Lonely Island on Saturday Night Live. It’s a sketch comedy group of 3 who met at NYU and has been posting their skits to YouTube and TikTok. They’ve already drummed up some controversy on SNL because 2/3 of their dads were former writers on the show. BUT, their comedic skills make them worthy of being there, regardless of the nepotism.

Their debut “Hard Seltzer” skit led me to their other work, but the “Rami Wants a Treat” video was replayed daily in this house. It somehow got funnier each time I watched it.

You should definitely check them out!

Cheryl’s Cookies

My relatives sent these to us and they were so good! My favorite were the buttercream frosted short bread cookies. They were the perfect Halloween treat!

Pressure Machine, The Killers

Pressure Machine came out in August of this year but I’m just finding it now!

My favorite is Quiet Town – nothing more to say here!

What are you loving this week?
Let me know below!


  1. The seasons these days are mixed up. I think it’s global warming effect.
    I’m enjoying Halloween posts here on wordpress and I can’t wait for November.
    Great Halloween Olivia.

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