Fall Friday Favorites #3

Happy Fall Friday y’all! Here are some things I loved this week!

Have a spectacular weekend, friends!

Pillsbury Pumpkin Rolls

These were amazing. They were also gone by the end of the day. I love pumpkin-flavored-anything as much as the next basic bitch, but I’m wary of anything that tries too hard in the flavor department. These were very subtle with the pumpkin. I baked them in a square Pyrex as opposed to a baking sheet and I will only be cooking rolls that way moving forward.

Chef’s Table on Netflix

I re-watched a lot of season 6 this week. I find this show mesmerizing. I don’t know if it’s the music in the intro or the cinematography, but this show has me hooked. I have all of Sean Brock’s restaurants on my bucket list. Came for the food, stayed for the Vivaldi.

Infant Tylenol

Baby M had her first cold and fever this week and it was rough. The poor thing had a stuffy nose, a fever and was generally miserable. Thank the Lord for infant Tylenol. Her fever was bouncing all over the place so I had no problem giving her medicine this time. You can read more about that here.


It’s Crockpot season, baby! Since I’ve had a sick baby dinner hasn’t been a priority. This week I made meatball subs and turkey chili in the crockpot. I love being able to just dump a bunch of ingredients in one pot and not think about it.

What are you loving this week?

Let me know below!


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