30 Snow Day Activities

I posted one of these last year to great success! It is one of my most-read posts. However, someone pointed out that some items on the list were chores. This, sadly, gives you some insight on my priorities…but it was one of the best comments I ever received! I’ve waiting months to have the opportunity to re do this list with fun, wholesome ideas for a snow day.

  1. Bake. I like to go through my cabinets and see if there’s anything that’s nearing it’s expiration date and go from there.
  2. Write someone a letter. On paper! Crazy concept, but it will feel more authentic and meaningful.
  3. Write a gratitude list! Here, I’ll start you off: heat, power, shelter… I have an article on how to make a gratitude list here. This works for little kids too!
  4. Create a vision board for the year.
  5. Create a Pinterest board for summer!
  6. Plan a vacation, even if you don’t plan on actually taking it. Only requirement? No snow.
  7. Shovel out a neighbor!
  8. Take a bath with essential oils.
  9. Make a snowy obstacle course.
  10. Write down where you want to be on this day, next year.
  11. Make a restaurant list. “There’s nowhere I want to eat” is a common one-liner of mine…
  12. Make a bucket list!
  13. Make an igloo. Amazon has great igloo block makerĀ here.
  14. DIY spa day, anyone?
  15. Practice an indoor exercise like yoga (or just stretch).
  16. Learn a magic trick.
  17. Read by candlelight.
  18. Paint the snow with diluted food coloring!
  19. Watch a TED Talk together and discuss. I’ve been loving this one on procrastination.
  20. Build a snowman, snow woman, snow dog, heck build a whole family!
  21. Create an “I’m bored” jar, filled with ideas for rainy days.
  22. Create a winter scavenger hunt.
  23. Try making creatures out of origami!
  24. Make a dance playlist and test it out!
  25. Play snowy hide and seek.
  26. Make a list of your accomplishments.
  27. Camp in the living room.
  28. Make a greeting card for someone you love.
  29. Learn 5 new words in another language.
  30. Make a collage!


There you have it, 3o activities for your next snow day. What do you like to do on snow days? Was there something you used to do as a kid? Let me know below!

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