Wedding Beauty

My wedding is six months away. Six months. The emotional roller coaster is real, people. I’m doing most of it myself and I’m definitely learning a lot about myself and stress management. I was originally going to write this long intro, but I ended up making a pie graph instead. Here are my feelings:

I'm excited for...

I’m all about the KitchenAid mixer. I mean, look at her.

She’s a beauty. Anyways, I know I need to make lists. I feel in over my head, overwhelmed and panicky. The best anecdote to this has always been a brain dump onto a notepad and then crafting exhaustive lists until I’m able to sleep.

The first list on my lists to make was beauty! I’ve definitely been indulging and not necessarily caring if I’ve taken all my makeup off at the end of the day. I was looking at “wedding beauty timelines” and “wedding makeover plan” on Pinterest and I was a little bummed out. Some of these suggestions included Botox and other injectables, monthly facials, bi-weekly massages, and multiple dermatologists appointments. I almost spit out my coffee while reading these lists – I have nothing against self-care or altering your appearance, but your girl is on a budget

I was able to break down my beauty plan below. My main goal was to make sure that I look like myself on my wedding day. I want to limit certain foods, but being in recovery for an eating disorder, I will not restrict my diet or label foods as “bad”. I’ve been training myself to use statements like “I want to feel healthy on my wedding day”, rather than “I want to look skinny on my wedding day”…more on that another day.

Wedding Beauty.png

I’m hoping that in six months I’ll feel healthy, rested, and proud of myself and the decisions I’ve made.

What did you do to get “beautiful” for your wedding? What were your regrets? I’ll take any advice I can get!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Beauty

  1. Don’t do botox! You don’t want to have guppy lips in the wedding photos! 25 years from now, at your anniversary dinner when you pull the album out, everyone’d be like, “Gee, why didn’t you smile in any of your pictures?” And you’ll be like, “Damned botox guppy lips.”

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