Christmas is losing it’s sparkle…

…and I think I know why. I’m 23. I’m at an age where some of the magic has worn off. I don’t live at home anymore and my brother and sister live out of state. Other than my fiancé’s niece and nephew there aren’t any kids in the family. I’m old enough to buy presents for people, young enough to still have “I’m almost broke” as an excuse.

Christmas has always been THE holiday for my family. You know how every family has a thing? Like a thing, thing? Some families have a vacation spot, a 4th of July barbecue, the Super Bowl…my family has Christmas. And every year my mom says “let’s keep it small this year – buy each other what you really want and nothing else. We all laugh to appease her and then empty our wallets. I truly have always looked forward to this time with my family. Like the rest of the world, they just get happier.

Christmas was pure magic as a kid. Not so much in what we would get, but the process of it; waking up early, me and my siblings sitting at the top of the stairs, rushing down those stairs to see dozens of presents under the tree. You get the idea. It was the preparation my parents took that made it so seamless and enchanting. And now we’re all semi-adults and probably won’t decorate the tree.

So, I’m trying to enjoy this last Christmas being a part of my family. I’ve felt a little abandoned or disconnected since getting engaged. I think the idea of changing my name and my fiancé, not my parents, being the one in charge of pulling the plug in case of an emergency has gotten to me more than I’d like to admit…

I think in writing this I may


  1. Aww, I can feel your confusion and sadness coming through the computer!! Two posts for the soon to be newlywed — maybe right?

    Have no fear! The best way to get outside of your fearful mind is to take on a new hobby. I know you hate cliche’s but learning how to cook is a fun hobby and highly valued skill for anyone, married or unmarried, mother or not and it’s so fun around the holidays!

    Try something on this site and grab a bottle of wine.

  2. It is normal to feel disconnected from your family as a young adult. Still adjusting to not living at home where everyone is interconnected and close. I know and understand the feeling well! All of my relatives except my mother and my children live in another country.
    Being raised in the South, Christmas has always been a huge deal to me! We are low income, but we always spend time with the kids, making dough ornaments or paper snowflakes.
    Try a Facebook video call with family members you don’t get to see on christmas! Or make homemade cards, ornaments, or gifts to mail to any cousins kids in the family.
    Remember, Christmas can only lose its sparkle if you lose your Christmas Spirit!
    Chin up😊

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