This is false information…


If you’re anything like me (on a budget and looking to outsmart the general population), you love a good shopping hack. I kept seeing posts like the one above circling around Pinterest, describing mark down days and how to get an item at the lowest price. As a huge Target consumer I was pretty excited at the idea of this hack.

The better part of me reached out to my friend who actually works at Target and I got a crash course in Target markdowns. Here are the most important pieces of information I received:

  1. Target “reinvented” themselves a few years ago – this information might have been accurate at one point, but is not as of December 2017.
  2. The shopping categories do get marked down on certain days – but this is at the discretion of each individual department at each individual store.
  3. Clearance usually occurs when a department is shifting inventory.
  4. Yes, they will mark prices down lower than a number ending in ‘4’.
  5. They can be working behind or ahead. Just because your local Target marked down baby clothes this Monday doesn’t mean it’ll be the same next week.

Sometimes it helps to double check what you read on the internet…

Hope this helps!



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