A poem I wrote in high school when I thought my emotions were going to kill me…

when did her world become so confusing?

she covered her burns, but they kept on oozing

went to the doctor, he did a proper fusing

she put down her Moleskin after documenting her musings

picked up Vogue for some indulgent perusing

it told her she was fat, so she started losing

who knew the scale could be so abusing

you have to order her food, she says she’s sick of choosing

her parents get her help, she finds it amusing

went to a frat party, got hooked on boozing

didn’t feel anything, so she started using

no one kept tabs, she kept abusing

fell asleep with the boys, her knees are now bruising

white sheets and silence, they thought she was snoozing

open or closed casket? please choose your viewing.

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