60 Days Nicotine Free!

Ok I CANNOT believe I’ve made it 60 days without smoking! Not even a puff. I have to take a moment every day and relish in that. 
I’ve wanted a cigarette here and there, especially when around friends who still smoke. The only thing stopping me is the hell I went through to get here – I never, ever want to feel that way again. I had a friend tell me that he’s now thinking of quitting and I told him I hope he goes through every ounce of anguish I went through. If it was easy to quit I’d be smoking again.
I’ve been physically feeling like crap for the past two weeks. I assumed I was developing a sinus infection and tried to ride it out. When I went to the doctor yesterday they told me that I wasn’t sick at all – my body is still clearing out all the gunk and toxins. So the swollen nostrils, migraines, sneezing, wheezing and fatigue is actually a positive thing!
It was validating to hear that I’m not out of the woods yet. I was grateful to hear that my lungs sound good and nearly teared up when I saw that I had normal vitals.
Quitting smoking is the greatest gift I could ever give myself.


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