1 Month Nicotine Free!

I CANNOT believe I’ve made it one month without a puff of a cigarette. This week I can definitely say I’ve turned a corner. I finally feel proud of myself. Four weeks, cold turkey, and not one puff. I am in serious disbelief. I feel empowered, I feel energized and I feel like the pain was worth it. I’m hoping that I’m over the depression-cravings-attitude slump.
These past four weeks have shown me that I need to get some more coping skills for emotions like frustration and sadness. More breathing techniques. More positive affirmations. This has also shown me that I can get through discomfort, frustrating situations, angst and cravings without smoking. Like I can want to do something and not do it.

I’m super proud of myself! This is something I never thought I could do.
Smoking is not an option anymore.
Also – thank you all for your kind words of encouragement 🙂


  1. Congrats! At 71, I have 36 tobacco-free years after smoking for 35 years. That is awesome – and you are awesome.


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