Cooperstown and Perseids

pexels-photo-209652.jpegSometimes you just got to get away. Sometimes I need a break from the traffic lights and 24 hour convenience that makes up Long Island. The Perseid meteor shower is this weekend, so my boyfriend and I are going to take a drive up to Cooperstown, NY. We saw the meteor shower driving to the Adirondacks last year, and it was unforgettable. It was one of those sights you never forget, and you can never explain.
I’ve never been to Cooperstown but I hear it’s warm and hokey, like most upstate towns. Has anyone ever been there? I’m looking for suggestions on restaurants, scenic views, etc.


4 thoughts on “Cooperstown and Perseids

  1. AJ (my creator) actually lived around there during highschool. Beautiful country scapes. But Sadly Cooperstown is like NYC for AJ. A place rarely visited because it’s never going anywhere. Baseball hall of fame is a must. There is a cool put-put golf course and a great ice-cream shop that they stop at, but beyond that I can’t make any suggestions AJ doesn’t remember the names of them.


  2. Hello Long Islander! I’m originally from Long Island but moved upstate NY in 2001. One place to try in Cooperstown is the Ommegang Brewery. Not only is it a beautiful ride but the food is really good also. I’ll think if other places for you to go also. Here is their link Happy travels friend!


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