2 Weeks Nicotine Free!

I can’t believe I’ve hit the two week mark of being cigarette free! 6 years of smoking and I finally have some freedom from nicotine. Cigarettes had truly become a “friend” and something I relied on to regulate my mood. Although the past 10 days have been filled with depression, angst, anger, regret, phlegm and slammed doors I am looking forward to this new way of life.

Quitting smoking is hard, but totally worth it. My lungs feel full and I can finally breathe out of my nose again. Saving money is great and I’m totally convinced my skin is clearing up. The best part has been not having to worry that I stink like smoke and getting into a clean, fresh car.

Here are the 10 most unexpected things that happen when you quit smoking:

Your breath gets worse in the beginning
This is a symptom of your body detoxing – your lungs are clearing out all the “gunk” that has collected over the years.
2. The 5 stages of grief.
Ah, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – this happens with smoking too! I was surprised at the bargaining phase. I’d have thoughts like “if only I smoked one more before I’d quit I’d be satisfied” or “since I can’t smoke I’ll just shop”. My weakness is Amazon Prime, so on my quit date I unhooked my credit card from my account and handed it over to my significant other.
3. You will cough more.
This fleeting cough is a good thing: it’s an indicator that the body is beginning to heal itself. The cilia, or tiny hairs lining your lungs, are starting to function normally.
4. You may get dizzy.
This is caused by your brain getting more oxygen than it is used to.
5. You will realize how nice it is not to smell.
Whether the smell of other smokers is enticing or repulsive, cigarettes SMELL. But you don’t anymore. Bonus points for having a car that smells fresh.
6. Your chest will perk up!
Quitting smoking brings back the skin’s elasticity, thus perking up the ta-tas.
7. Your hair will be shine, shine, shine.
To add to your glowy skin and improving health, you can look forward to shiny, thickening hair.
8. Babies might be an option:
Women who quit smoking increase their chance of fertility by %60!
9. Your partner will thank you.
Whether you’re trying to make a baby or just practicing, your partner will be thanking you in bedroom. The chemicals in cigarettes kill your sex drive, so be prepared for a little extra oomph between the sheets.
10. Your confidence skyrockets.
It’s 2017 – everyone knows that smoking kills. The day I stopped smoking I started looking at smokers differently. It’s a good feeling knowing that I am not consciously, slowly killing myself today.

What’s your experience with smoking or quitting smoking? What worked for you?


  1. Congratulations! You are attaining a very worthwhile goal and being a great example of the fact that it can be done! Hang in there!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following! My words always like to meet new friends!


  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I’ve never smoked and consider myself lucky. Both my mom and brother quit cold turkey, which was amazing. Keep it up. Your health depends on it.


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